Associates Healthcare CIC are excited to provide support and care services

Support and Care Services

Associates Healthcare CIC are excited to provide support and care services to service users aged 18 years old and over. Our specialist staff have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications for the provision of services to individuals in their own homes with a wide range of support/care needs.

We provide support and care services for people with short / long term health and physical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, Dementia, Multi Neuron Diseases (MND / Duchen), HIV / AIDS, palliative care needs, end of life needs. We also support and care for the old age and frail, people with learning difficulties, epilepsy and people with behaviour that challenges.

Our specialist support and care services or clinical intervention requires specialist training, which will be carried out by the hospital / clinical team of the individual service users that requires our service, we will thereon work in partnership with such team and or professionals to deliver a more robust care that meets the specific needs of each individual.

We aim to commit to the highest standards and quality of care with delivery based on a multi-disciplinary contribution, having at its centre the service users and people significant to them. We pride ourselves to the quality and attention given to service users’ and their needs by our care staff, clinical team (registered nurses) who will undergo the industry carefully screened recruitment exercise.